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A Brief Introduction To Transference

The feeling of it is what remains with you. After it is all over, and life appears to return to it’s normalcy, your skin retains a feeling of being touched. Technically, there is no feeling present but, nevertheless, you still feel something. A sort of phantom, invisible after-glow; a sensation much akin to the feeling one gets after finishing a good book, only stronger. The electric touch of passing through the invisible keeps you entrained within the field, even if only for a moment.

The dark field, the invisible, moves all around us, all throughout space. It bends and melds around us, and more importantly, within us. When you learn to understand it, to accept it’s presence, it reacts. All quantum energy changes when we interact with it, it adapts to our very presence (whether physical or metaphysical). So why not use it to do our bidding? Particles on the quantum level can exist at any time, in any place, simultaneously appearing in multiple places at once. It only takes the right thought, the right concentration and the right state of mind to let you manipulate the quantum level into working together, and taking you along for the ride.

It has been said that with enough concentration, a person can literally change the structure of water so that when frozen, the ice crystals take on different shapes. This is the equivalent of looking at a door from the outside. To step through the door, and to see what is on the other side, you must learn to not focus on what surrounds you, but rather, what composes you. First, you must understand how you are composed. It is impressive to move yourself through time-space by will alone, but to move yourself in the wrong order can be disastrous. Once you intricately know and understand your configuration, you can mitigate any effects of aging, hunger, thirst or any other bodily concerns simply by traveling. Each time you travel, your body will return to that same configuration. There is a risk of memory loss if the assembly does not take into account our current configuration. As such, some factors will always remain constant, while others are ever changing. We must always be aware of all the factors. The actual movement is an odd thing. It can happen instantaneously, or stretch out over thousands of years, but the arrival time remains constant. This is the choice of the traveler.

With the proper training, you can go anywhere and any time, all at once, in a fraction of a moment. There are risks, but with a knowledge and an understanding, you may step through the door and see what’s on the other side.