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Like currency, all power circulates. It changes hands and it fluctuates in value. We seem to have this strange notion that with simplicity comes an ease of living, when in truth, true power gives us the ability to make everything simple. We can create anything we can imagine, and for the dreamers, there is no limit to where we can take ourselves. The stagnant, stale and office clad crowd with their cramped skulls and empty soulsĀ  may struggle to find usefulness, but for those of us who never stopped dreaming, the world will stretch into infinity. We can change everything and make you forget that life was ever any different. A teacher may be required. A willingness to leave everything behind, if only for a while, will be necessary. Our brains were made to operate this way, most have simply forgotten this to be the truth. Make the technicolor bridge of water and span the length of the universe. Change the light; bend it as you see fit. Create.