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A Dream Awake

Under cover of darkness, veiled in the shadow and mystery of night, a dream came at once to me of a place, a person and a thing. The place I knew did not exist, and the person was a stranger wearing my skin, so I had all but dismissed them. The thing, however, intrigued me. There was an allure to it; a freedom. Imagine, a possession that could give you the freedom you so desire. Many think they are free, but truthfully they are imprisoned most of all. Many small freedoms can be given up without much notice before you will feel a great loss, and so, many will give these away. But imagine a thing that would take them all back, in but a blink of times eye. How far would you chase this thing to retrieve those lost freedoms? Would you become someone else to retrieve who you once were? Would you pursue a place that you were certain did not exist? Do you believe you could reach your destination and not lose your sanity and identity along the way? I am a rational man, but I feel that to get where I am going I must be irrational.


The Hat Man

When I was around 7 years old I was startled awake from my sleep. I lay there paralyzed, looking directly into my mirror, which reflected back at the door on an angle at the foot of my bed. This is what I saw.

I didn’t draw that, yet it is exactly how I would have drawn it. I stared at this figure in the reflection of my mirror for what seemed like hours. Afraid to move, covered slightly by my blanket, I figured if I stayed still long enough, I would see it move. I didn’t, and so I mustered up the courage to spring up out of bed and look out the door. There was nothing there. I looked back in the mirror and there was nothing there either. It was gone and I have never had as visceral of paranormal experience since. The figure I saw was a form of what people call “Shadow People”, but further than that, I discovered today that I am one of literally thousands and thousands of people worldwide who, in the last 15 years, has been visited by “The Hat Man”. I’m not even making this shit up. There are support groups for people who have been visited and profoundly affected by The Hat Man. Have you seen him, too?