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Dust Memories

When the winds first scattered us, naked to the plains, we crawled from the muck; we crawled from our caves. And I remembered you. I remembered you. You were a distant mote sunken in my brain, left hopelessly alone until I gave you a name. Because I remembered you. I remembered you. Before I found a face to match what I thought you should be, I found out that all along you were tucked away inside of me. The idea of something that I needed to stay sane; a hunger left unsatiated from before we ever came. Like a “made in…” stamp from a factory floor; a tag in a shirt. A warm radiant core emanating and resonating from a forgotten shred of us. I gave you a name and brought to the surface. Because I remembered you. I remembered you. I remembered you. I remembered you.


Asleep at the wheel

When you wake up, after days and days of dreaming, and realize it’s only been a few hours, something changes in your brain. It’s never permanent, but it is more powerful than we would like to admit. You just can’t shake that feeling that you’re still dreaming. You’re wide awake but your eyes are heavy and everything has that hazy, dreamlike quality to it. Maybe it’s your mind twisting things, but the world seems different too. It seems like you can follow your same routes and get to the same places, but things are changed along the way. Maybe someone looks at you from another car, or maybe no one looks. Maybe all the buses you see are stopped and not moving. Is it coincidence or is there something changed in you? Do you process the input differently? Same world, different you? Or is the world different and you’re the same? Like in a dream, you fight until the bitter end in the name of these random things, things that in real life you would never fight for…yet at the same time, you can’t shake the feeling that despite all your efforts, none of it matters. It’s just a dream, right?

Public Relations

I did act as a PR person for the brain…and the possibilities for changing the brain are endless, but our human race doesn’t understand the brain at all…now, think about it, DNA did all that work for fifty million years to produce a brain with all these receptor sites, to have the government come along and say they’re illegal, that you can’t activate these certain circuits of the brain…and there are a lot of area’s of the brain that we havn’t even thought about, that we can activate – Timothy Leary