Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness


I am waiting. But waiting never seems quite as long when you are not alone. Having nothing to do is quite alright when in the company of friends. But remember, it is not companionship that speeds time; rather, connection. Nor is it friendship that washes out boredom; rather, the comfort of knowing you are not alone. I can survive alone; I can get through the days and months, distracting and keeping myself occupied. I can survive, but I can not live in solitude. Humans were not meant to be alone. The idea of all the friendless outcasts, and everyone who is living their lives without any companionship, having no one to distract them, no one to wait with, breaks my heart. It is strange how, even though we are surrounded by others, we can feel so isolated and alone. I sometimes wonder if actually living in solitude, somewhere in the wilderness, would be favorable to living in solitude surrounded by people who you can’t turn to.


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