Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness

Strange Days

I once felt an impossible breathe upon my neck, hailing from a corner I had never before touched. I knew it was not real but I let myself get lost in it, if only for a moment. Later on, walking down a cold and empty street, I felt a shiver immediately followed by a warm comfort. I was convinced it had followed me. For a while there I actually thought it was real. I got lost in it, and felt that I could finally accept that the dream was real. Like most dreams, eventually you wake up and the world is cold and lonely. No breathe upon your neck, no comfort on the cold and empty street; only a fading memory of a place you once were. The way everything felt and the way everything needed to be (and was). When the abyss stares back, be sure it’s looking at you and not what it wants you to be.


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