Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness

The Wolf Beneath The Tree

In the end, we’ll all die in LA. That’s my humble, end-of-the-world monologue. I’m played by Michael Madsen in the film adaptation of my thought process. It won’t be my master work, but people will enjoy it.  Of course, that is not true. None of this is. But some of it may be, some day. Life is not stranger than fiction, not all the time. Everything can, and will, be strange…but not all the time.

You hit a point in your life where you know who you are; I don’t mean what you like and don’t like but you know what makes you a shitty person, and you are not afraid to accept it. It just happens. Sometimes an event triggers it, sometimes you just wake up one day and realize it. You know that you’re not all shit, very few people are, but you know what the worst of you is and you realize that for you to love someone and be with them, they have to take all that shitty part of you and embrace it. Sometimes you just feel that that special someone is just too good, you don’t want to spoil them. Like some mysterious animal that you happen upon in a hidden glen, you feel compelled to maintain your distance. Of course it applies to more than just relationships. We all have our mysterious animals that we wish to protect, in all their various forms. All of these animals are strange, when you let them be so…but not all the time. Sometimes there are moments of clarity where we can see how pure the things we are destroying are. Sometimes we must let go and free fall into chaos, if that’s what must be done to protect the things we aim to preserve.


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