Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness

Unchanging Scum

You get to see that it’s all been done before. The signs you thought seemed familiar are familiar. While everything is in motion;constantly changing, you, the bad seed, are just a hipster mother fucker who thinks he’s dressed to kill (with your penis tucked in, looking like Buffalo Bill). Unchanging, constantly the same. Yea, sure, you look different every year, but inside the scarfs and blouses, you’re still the same judgmental piece of shit that you’ve always been. Of course this is all hypothetical, because you isn’t you so much as it is the proverbial “you”. Maybe I’m the judgmental one, maybe, but I listen to the music I like, not what’s cool. I give it all a fair listen, but am for the most part wholly unimpressed by hype bands. Kill the hype, live your life. Enjoy yourself for yourself and not for what’s the flavor of the day.


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