Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness


To the circus, to the clouds opened wide, beams shine through the horizon and back again. Find the path we can take and load us up so we may move together. Legs reaching to the heavens as he walks backwards. Crouching down and over, his hat outstretched to you on impossible limbs. Gold coated eyeballs to accompany those quiet smirks. A flasher in a duster coat pulls his arms apart to reveal fountains of brightly colored sparks. The smoke stings at your eyes and you notice when tears fill your eyes that the coloring finally blends appropriately. The floor is a soft epoxy, but beneath it there is ice. It is peeled back by those in uniform and dissolves into the smoke with them. Up the stairs and into the office, absolutely everything is moving, and you think to yourself: “this is moving”.


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