Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness


Like a dying ship it pulls them asunder. It’s mast and sails a powerful ad campaign pompously stating “use us, or you are a toothless hillbilly living in a shack in the hills”, but the real wind beneath those sails are the millions of users rowing along, breaking their backs to keep that big ugly mass moving. When one gets up to leave, to jump ship, there is another ready to take a seat behind the oars. I mean, hey, if everyone is doing it, it must be great, right? The self perpetuating hype machine. People defend this garbage because it’s popular, because they have grown used to it. We’ve got nothing to say and 140 characters to say it in. There was a time when people used leeches for everything medicinal. Headache? Leech. Sore throat? Leech. Broken arm? Leech. Much like the medicinal use of leeches, I can only hope that this ship sinks as well. Will you be clinging to your oar when it goes down?


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