Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness


Part 1: The early years.

I have not dreamed a breathe. I have not slept through my life. I do not fool myself with the illusions that things will come to me on their own. There is a war that is raging at this very moment, even through the times of your nations’ “peace”, that will force humanity into a bind that it will never seperate from again. We have all become slaves of our own doing by the illusion of safety in technology. Though humanity is visibly reeling from this war, we still have hope, we still have dreams. Our oppressors can never take those from us, and therein lies our power to overthrow and defeat them.

Three years from now, in your time, the United States government will pass a bill that will make “human coding”, or BR (short-hand for branding, as the commoners call it), legal. Within 5 years after that bill has passed, every human being in the US, both living and dead, will have an ever-changing number assigned to them. This number will seal the fate of the person, as the number is based not only on location, but also looks; personality; political standing; psychology; genetics; mannerisms; current employment and efficiency at said place of employment; talents and abilities; etc etc, the list goes on an on. With this system in place, one needs only scan the number of the person to decide wether they are fit/capable/willing/efficient enough for basically anything. Over the 10 years after the United States’ complete BR, nearly every other country in the world will have an identical system in place (“our system is flawless, not a single failure yet”). Much like the computer and the internet, BR will explode and gain immense popularity and support. With the ongoing technological advances
outside of BR research, machines will automate the scanning and eventually the scanning will happen without you knowing of it. The privacy act will first be undermined, then it will be abolished. One after another, man will lose the freedoms he has worked so hard to instill and when we turn around and try to reach backwards, the machines will pull us forward into slavery. Our numbers will determine our worth, we will be sold between the machines who will have taken on human characteristics and similar appearances. We will be limited to what we can do, and all research done by humans must be closely monitored by the DS; the digital scion. Even now, in this time of great pain, there is a struggle and a hope. A hope that one day we will overthrow our synthetic oppressive leaders and go back to a place in time where we have technology; a place where the humans control the technology. The war rages even now as I speak. Countless numbers scale the odometer tracking the miles of dead bodies, and the wounded can only watch as they see their lives slowly taken from them. But our efforts are not completely futile. Many have went into hiding, in hopes that there will be time to create a new breed of offspring; children who do not have numbers, only names. It has become clear that they will become humanity’s last bastion, the secret weapon. Since BR became totally autonomous, children have been numbered during pregnancy and once all humans had BR, the only living that “needed” it were the unborn. The machines began to write this into their code, eliminating the need to number humans other than new-borns and pre-borns, it is the base of all their code. Hopefully, if we can have humans who can talk to the machines and not have a number, this will cause them to lose understanding and basically scramble their code…thus destroying them and crushing their empire. But if we are wrong, and our plan does not succeed, I fear humanity will not survive. Much like the dinosaurs, we will die off and in millions of years be placed in a museum built by robots who look and act like us and they will tell their synthetic offspring how they descended from us, and the children will shreak in disgust. I do not wish to crush all hope you have, that is the last thing I want. I just need you to know that it has already begun, no matter how subtle it is, it has begun.


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