Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness


He woke up in the machine to find that strange things have taken place. He couldn’t remember specifics, but he was aware that something was not right; something was off. He didn’t care that things were different, it was just something he had noticed. There was no dwelling on this, it was simply a passing thought as he got to his feet and shook the dust out of his clothes. How long had it been? His timepiece had stopped several hours ago, if the position of the sun was to be trusted, but how many days had passed? Trudging out of the wilderness, and away from the wreckage, past the once prestigious city which had since fallen, he felt nothing of sadness or remorse. There were no inklings of regret or shame, nor worry or fright. He had thought, briefly, that once some switches are turned off, they will never turn back on again; but he felt nothing of the idea, and it quickly passed through his mind. Such as it is that switches function so, and so he kept on walking.

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