Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness

I bought some boots.

You put them on and hook the boots onto a specific bar, and then you hang upside down. You get vertical, and achieve non-linear hang time, as the hang time itself is infinite. You decide your own fate. If you hang upside down long enough, you may be able to see yourself hanging upside down. Let me explain. At six minutes and fourteen seconds, hang time becomes self aware of it’s own non-linear nature and diverges itself from the current time space location. At that point it can travel at any speed and in any direction. All matter is merely hang time condensed to a slow vibration, and, when that vibration changes, it can also change the “direction” in which you are experiencing life. There is no control. You may end up watching yourself walking up to the place you are hanging (and event that happened six minutes and fourteen seconds ago), or you may see yourself walking away. Alternately, you may see yourself in a completely different location (such as hanging upside down in stonehenge) or you may see someone or something completely different in your place (such as a giant panda hanging upside down in your house). These things can all mix and mingle, creating a sort of bizarre alt-reality. You could be experiencing these things from any perspective; am I personally hanging upside down at Stonehenge, am I watching myself hanging upside down at Stonehenge or am I watching a giant panda hanging upside down at Stonehenge? These are all just examples of variables, and in no means a complete list. As stated, there is no control, but there are also no limits to depth and complexity that hang time will take you.  Hang time has no controls, no boundaries and no reasonable explanation as to why it functions the way it does. When we get into quantum hang time theory, we can only speculate and theorize, anything further is simply unfounded. As such, hang time can be dangerous for those unwilling to participate against their will in getting vertical; they could become unstuck. Be careful when getting vertical, Bob became unstuck.

Notice the lack of vertical phase shift. Anything is possible.


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