Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness

This is what I do with my free time.

I was recently asked to partake in a survey of the new layout and design of a community college. Here is my review.

I got lost in the logo while looking at the page. I felt like I was staring deeply into the Eye Of Sauron. I began to notice the intricacies of the design, how the logo seems, at first glance, to be a perfect circle, but upon further examination I began to see that it was, in fact, an imperfect circle. Perhaps I should not be expecting a perfect circle, as this is an impossibility, far beyond reason.

At any rate, I had no idea what the page was about, because I spent so much time looking at the logo. However, when I went back to do some investigative research I discovered that the content was, in fact, quite uninteresting. Don’t lose the Eye Of Sauron logo, as it is indeed your sites best asset at this point.

I feel that on these pages, the content is much improved. We see a variety of topics that will mislead students into clicking links, further trapping them in the tangled web you weave. The new Keyano layout very much reminds me of Sirens of lore. With their beautiful looks, and entrancing voices, they lure you in, only to crash your ship on the rocks and eat you alive. Terrible business, really, but I hardly think a website is going to eat me alive. I like your style, designer, and I hope to further see your entrancing work sucking more helpless victims in.

Finally, I get a look at the headquarters. I can only imagine what terror lurks behind those tinted windows. The bright layout of this page blinds me, yet I cannot seem to look away. I’m not entirely sure what is going on in the other pictures, though. Have you ever seen anyone shake hands like that? What shady deals hath they wrought? I feel like I’ve stumbled upon some secret CIA surveillance photo’s of a shady organization operating under the guise of a community college. I look further and even see proof of their training regimen. I wonder what this organizations plans for the future are…

…oh, God. It’s worse than I thought. It appears as though they will stop at nothing short of world domination. First the classrooms, then Paris. The map shows short term plans for conquest, as if to tease and heckle the authorities, to say to them “go ahead, try and stop us, you know you’ll just fail!” Their enlistment propaganda poster on the left seems to say “study under us and you will feel REAL power, beyond your imagination…YOU’LL CONTROL THE SUN!” It troubles me to think that we may be living on the cusp of a decade of fear.

Here we see the training grounds and factories of the main headquarters. A young recruit is hard at work, honing the tools of death used in world conquest. The vicious and ruthless Husky chants for blood to be spilled at the sacrificial ceremony, seen in the lower foreground. The further I venture inward, the darker, it seems, the heart of this beast gets.

Three Hundred and Sixty degrees of terror! The entire page, coded in a cipher, only understood by members of the organization. Here, in plain view of the world, the masterminds behind the whole operation (shown planning world domination in the left foreground) can give out explicit instructions for their foot soldiers to carry out. Flaunting their power and genius, they seem to fear nothing as they brazenly push forward with plans. They even give the date when their next attack will take place. I wish there was something I could do to step in and stop this global menace from furthering it’s iron grasp around the vitals of the world, but
I feel that fear is the only appropriate response to these images I am seeing.

I really wish they gave me more to work with, I feel this story is only beginning.


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