Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness

Beyond The Veil

Swelling over us, like some great quilt of the sky, the clouds engulfed us is a damp shroud against the light. The sun hidden from us, our eyes sharpened like those of a cat. We no longer stumbled through the thoroughfare’s and pathways; at first our pace quickened, then it hastened until we were running through the darkness like predators stalking prey. We leaned forward, crouched down and dived through holes in the walls. Our shirts were shed from our skin as we tore through those windows. Abrasions and lacerations began to appear. They bled, and we never noticed. I blinked and it was gone; I was back in the room and my vision was hazy. The awkward teenage girl, who dressed against the grain, had grown into a beautiful and desirable woman. She stood across from me, flipping her pen back and forth as she went over charts. She had always done this, as it was an unconscious habit she carried forward from grade school. I asked her if this was so and she tucked the pen under the clipboard. In some ways I felt sorry for her, because I know she had changed over the years to fit the career mold. The idealism’s, hopes and ambitions of youth had been lost in her so long ago, and I wondered if she had forgotten who she was. I wondered if she occasionally reflected on her past life and questioned if she had taken the right path. It’s a moot question, as any path can be the right path if you take control of it. Nevertheless, the intent behind the question is important. It lets me know that those old dreams still exist, no matter how tiny they may be. We move our eyes away, as if we are trying to find answers in the sides of our eye sockets, but the truth is that we are only afraid of what we’ll see. We hunger for what lies beyond the veil of tissue; yet we look no deeper than skin, for fear of what we may stumble upon. Occasionally, fear is the appropriate response, as I am past the threshold again. I sense and I feel everything, just as those around me do. We run. We hunger. We eat. We live.

Thanks to Martin Stranka for the picture.


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