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Anatomy Of A Tired Film

I love tired movies. This is something I have always known, but until the past few years I never really had a name to describe exactly what those kind of movies were. Tired movies. You probably have no idea what i’m talking about, so I will try to explain it.

A tired movie is a movie where there may be much or very little plot movement, but the characters always seem exhausted. The soundtrack can be vast and sprawling or completely minimalist, but it never grabs your attention to say “Hey! Look at this movie!”, it is always just a sort of background noise. The setting can be disparate or beautiful, sparse or rich in life (whether synthetic or natural), but it is always as if you are looking at it like you’re lost in it (I mean that literally. Not like it’s so involving that you just get caught up in it and feel like you’re there; but rather like you are there and have no idea where you are or where you’re going, whether that is in a frightening or magical sense.).  Scenes can be paced at any speed, yet if it’s fast paced there has to be an overwhelming sense that you’re being dragged along. That you’re too tired to walk any further. If the pace is slower, it should feel like it’s just plodding along at an end-of-the-workday speed. The characters can be realistic or works of fantasy, but no matter what they look like or how they behave, they should seem like there are many deep thoughts going on below the surface, as if they are someone who has lived a long life and is reflecting on their past and what it means to them. These characters could be children or adults, the sick and the dying or the alive and virile, yet they have a certain look in their eye. This look can convey many different things, from defeat to enlightenment, longing to suffering, pain to the overwhelming. It’s a look I have always loved to see in people, and my image choices on here often reflect that. The outcome of the movie can be pretty much anything, as it’s rare we watch movies for the ending. It could be just a point in time that the movie stops, or some grand incite done in monologue by one of the characters, or a slow build at the end of the film where the mood changes to something more positive, or a slew of other options. It’s sometimes hard to classify movies as tired movies because a lot of movies have parts that are “tired”, but the movie as a whole doesn’t seem to fit. In general, these are movies that seem right to watch when you are tired (or a number of other things that reflect the overall vibe of the movie).

So, what are some examples of this type of film? It’s a broad sub-genre (that sub category being more of a root system than a direct link), so there are a lot of examples, but I will to show the broadness of that.
Days Of Heaven
The Thin Red Line
Lost In Translation
The Fountain
Stranger Than Fiction
THX 1138 (quite possibly the most tired tired movie ever made)
Gone Baby Gone
Kill Bill Vol. 2
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Life Aquatic
Forbidden Planet
A Scanner Darkly
Blade Runner
A History Of Violence
Pan’s Labyrinth

This list goes on and on, including a lot of film noir, but hopefully this gives you a better idea of what a tired movie is and should be.


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  1. I totally agree with all of this, this is something i try to expalin to people. Finally someone that understands movies with me 🙂

    I would like to agree with the movies you have chosen and i have others but i dont need to list them because you UNDERSTAND!!

    November 29, 2012 at 3:21 AM

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