Life after social media and the meandering thought stream of deep consciousness


Into The Unknown

What is this future we seek? To be unbound, unbroken…to crawl from the muck. To move ourselves from this place to the beyond. To stretch our lungs before that great leap. To bend our bones and hear them creak as we extend from the world we must leave behind. The fury of our engines tearing at the past, blowing dust off the stones we left unturned. Never meant to sit idly; to waste our potential…we scream at the stars and beckon a riposte.



It swells and pulls me in, but it’s an endless loop of meaningless nothing. I don’t want to leave, but I don’t want this. Nothing is nothing is nothing is nothing.


I can feel the swell push against me, wash over and through me. Ever changing, yet constant in it’s goal. The craving to push back overwhelms me but I feel powerless when it towers over me. Still, I feel the need to fight. I’m waiting for my weapons, and I’m counting the hours to pick them up. The battle I must fight must be fought with a clear head; with dedication and strength. While it wells up inside me, as the swell washes over me, I focus and I wait; as the waiting makes the want.

Phone In

Under electric glow, between science and design, a jumble of thoughts run wild. The waves crash against each other and are interpreted. Listening, interpreting subconsciously, deciphering meanings and, most importantly, letting go. Stepping back to another time, another place…another person.

Betwixt The Roiling Walls

The colors shift, and I too am there. Walls are built up in tumbling waves and the sun chitters through like a transmission lost. Darkness encloses and the tumbling ends, serenity at last. A death knell for a kingdom unbuilt, serenity at last. Climbing the unseen rungs, she spirals through a sparkling haze and then she disappears. It is then that I realize, before I, too, spiral down, that she was the city and I too will be. Climbing too high; too fast…only to be pulled back down. Breathless and defeated, never to return. Or will we? I look to the chaos around me and see flickers of life; I am reminded that everything is a cycle. Just as “she” rose and fell, I wonder how many others have come before…and how many others will come after? Who will be me, and who will be her? Will our names be the same, and were they ever before? I feel that to know something, you must know it’s true name. So then I wonder, who am I? Who am I, truly? Ah, but the thought fades as I descend and the walls push in. But as I forget my pleading and reasoning, an inkling of myself returns and I say farewell to the only true names that I truly know. Farewell Sky. Farewell Light. Farewell Light. Farewell Atlantis.

A Dream Awake

Under cover of darkness, veiled in the shadow and mystery of night, a dream came at once to me of a place, a person and a thing. The place I knew did not exist, and the person was a stranger wearing my skin, so I had all but dismissed them. The thing, however, intrigued me. There was an allure to it; a freedom. Imagine, a possession that could give you the freedom you so desire. Many think they are free, but truthfully they are imprisoned most of all. Many small freedoms can be given up without much notice before you will feel a great loss, and so, many will give these away. But imagine a thing that would take them all back, in but a blink of times eye. How far would you chase this thing to retrieve those lost freedoms? Would you become someone else to retrieve who you once were? Would you pursue a place that you were certain did not exist? Do you believe you could reach your destination and not lose your sanity and identity along the way? I am a rational man, but I feel that to get where I am going I must be irrational.


Dust Memories

When the winds first scattered us, naked to the plains, we crawled from the muck; we crawled from our caves. And I remembered you. I remembered you. You were a distant mote sunken in my brain, left hopelessly alone until I gave you a name. Because I remembered you. I remembered you. Before I found a face to match what I thought you should be, I found out that all along you were tucked away inside of me. The idea of something that I needed to stay sane; a hunger left unsatiated from before we ever came. Like a “made in…” stamp from a factory floor; a tag in a shirt. A warm radiant core emanating and resonating from a forgotten shred of us. I gave you a name and brought to the surface. Because I remembered you. I remembered you. I remembered you. I remembered you.